Cesco – Drummer in Zeit

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Cesco – Drummer in Zeit

Hi, I am Francesco of Zeit, a hardcore band from Venice, Italy

Death – Individual Thought Patterns
What can I say? A death metal album both very violent, fairly melodic and recognizable from the point of view of sound and arrangements. You know, when you are very young, there’s no internet and friends and older guys gives you albums? At that time I’ve never listened to something like Gene Hooglan drumming, he completely changed the way I see this instrument.


Dark Tranquility – The Gallery
Swedish death metal is the metal genre to which, in the the end, I always have been more attached. I think it is the album I listened to the most in my entire life. A lot of riffs, prog-like changes – very chiselled, they don’t make the song a random pile of shit – and unbelievable melodies, precisely what I was searching for as a kid. With today’s spirit maybe I’d prefer At The Gates’ “Terminal Spirit Disease” or “Slaughter Of The Soul”, but the emotional soul of this album was something that, as a kid, made me prefer it instead of Gothenburg’s other releases.


Converge – You Fail Me
I listened to “Jane Doe” shortly after its release, I was a metalhead, not one of the truest ones, but anyway a metalhead. When the album was released I did not give it much importance, apparently too messy for a death metal fan like me. Years later, with guilty delay, I rediscovered Converge and “You Fail Me” has been for me their discography’s high point. Ben Koller today is incredible, but his groove in this album is maybe more incredible, articulated and original. He taught me an incredibly amusing way to play the drums. So, why continue with this thing that is music, often unrewarding, if you can’t even have fun while doing it?

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Instagram: @zeithc

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