Eric – Drummer in Organ Dealer

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Eric – Drummer in Organ Dealer

Hello! My name is Eric and I play drums for a grindcore band from New Jersey called Organ Dealer. We have a lot of creative influences from our musical heroes as well as our peers. Here are three albums that changed my life.


Slayer – Reign in Blood
Slayer was the first metal band I ever saw when I was 14. I remember being scared going into the show and I came out changed, completely floored by the bands energy, aggression and technical skills. I got a copy of Reign in Blood and I was blown away by the relentlessness and double bass of Dave Lombardo, who remains a huge influence.
Favorite Track: Angel of Death


The Dillinger Escape Plan – Calculating Infinity
Ever since seeing Slayer I was on a mission to find the most extreme music out there. I found it in 2000 when I attended the Warped Tour and saw Dillinger in their prime. Their savagery was unmatched by anything I had heard and I immediately got Calculating Infinity. I was blown away by the unique style of controlled chaos especially from drummer Chris Pennie, who mastered polyrhythms, linear playing and even jazz drumming. The fact that the band also hails from the same area as me sealed the deal.
Favorite Track: The Running Board


Discordance Axis – The Inalienable Dreamless
Discordance Axis is the band that showed me what is possible with grindcore and solidified my love for the genre. While the cover shows a peaceful beach scene of the New Jersey shore, the album is one of the most extreme grindcore records ever. On top of the angular guitar work and piercing vocals drummer Dave Witte put it over the top. His endless barrage of one foot blasting seemed inhuman but he also knew when to inject groove and interesting drum passages. A classic.
Favorite Track: Castration Rite – The Third Children

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