Ben – Bassist in Chalk Hands

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Ben – Bassist in Chalk Hands

Hey I’m Ben and I’m the newly appointed bass player of Chalk Hands. It’s been a little while since I last played in a band so it’s exciting to be jamming new songs and getting out and playing shows! I’ve picked 3 albums which maybe more than any others had the biggest impact on me growing up or caused the biggest shift in my tastes. Thanks!


Nirvana – Nevermind
I’d been listening to bands like busted through seeing them on tv but had always felt like it wasn’t quite the sort of thing I was looking for. I started secondary school and saw the yellow cross eyed smiley on hoodies and backpacks of kids who looked insanely cool to me so I figured this might be something I should like. My dad took me to a CD shop and I found nevermind, I took it home and from the moment that teen spirit riff kicked in everything changed. Grew my hair out changed my clothes… the classic case! but it really set me on a path which has pretty much shaped me ever since. Nirvana are the band that got me into guitar music and nevermind in particular is still one of my all time favourites.


Slipknot – Slipknot
This was the first album I heard that scared the shit out of me. I remember it giving me an actual unsettling feeling the first time I heard it which I’d never experienced before, and I had no idea stuff like this existed either. It still sounds as angry to me today as it did then, and that’s what I’ve always looked for in metal and hardcore as a result.


Alexisonfire – Crisis
I remember being so excited by aof the first time I heard them, it was the first time I found a band which surpassed anything I’d heard before, all I wanted to do was listen to them on repeat!. As well as that it’s an album that reminds me of being 16, meeting the kids who became my best friends and going to festivals and gigs for the first time.

Chalk Hands is a post-hardcore band from Brighton, England.

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