Dave – Vocalist in Horror Section

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Dave – Vocalist in Horror Section

Hi I’m Dave and I sing for Horror Section. We’re based out of St. Louis, Missouri and play Ramones style pop punk with songs based on on horror movies. I’ve decided to narrow down my listing of top 3 albums to those that helped shaped our sound. If you’re into 80s horror movies and are familiar with the 3 albums below then you can probably piece together what we sound like.


Misfits – Collection II
I was first made aware of the Misfits at a show where one of the bands playing was wearing their shirt. The crimson ghost sure looked cool enough so I checked them out the next time I went to the store. American Psycho had just come out and when I turned the CD to the back I was really confused. Who the hell was this weird muscle man dork on the back with crazy hair? I thought there had been some mistake, put it down, and wrote them off.

Cut to a few months later and a friend let me borrow Collection II and I immediately fell in love with it. I was expecting some kind of metal or something really chaotic and heavy, but instead I was met with very simple riffs and melodic crooning vocals. Couple that with the lyrical content being all about blood and death and I couldn’t get enough. It definitely taught me that ‘horror’ music doesn’t have to be hard or tough.


The Mr. T Experience – Revenge Is Sweet And So Are You
After inevitably getting into Green Day when I was 13 like everyone else, I kept searching for more bands like them. Buying Lookout Records compilation CDs and getting their catalogs led me to The Mr. T Experience. This was another band I didn’t initially understand. The name was pretty odd and their first album I listened to (Everybody’s Entitled To Their Own Opinion) didn’t really grab me.

When I picked up Revenge it was a totally different story. I loved the tongue in cheek clever lyrics and the songs were super catchy. I was just starting to figure out how to play guitar a bit and write songs, and they were awful. Learning songs from this album definitely taught me how to structure songs and to put a bit of thought into lyrics – not everything needs to be obvious and in your face.


The Lillingtons – The Backchannel Broadcast
This is another band I got into while going down the Lookout Records rabbit hole. Their album Death By Television was an instant classic for me. When Backchannel came out I was super excited and went to Borders where they let you listen to the CDs before you bought them (back when that was a thing). I remember sitting there and being kind of dumbfounded. Where were all the poppy melodic tracks? I decided against buying it and didn’t hear it again for another year or so.

Fast forward and here it is on my top 3 most influential albums. The short, tight, fast songs with strong and mesmerizing guitar leads and riffs have stayed with me over the years and the influence on Horror Section is pretty obvious.

In all three cases I needed to revisit the band or album before they sank in. Not sure if that says something about me or what but years later I still listen to these albums and they continue to inspire. Cheers!

Photo by Bambi Guthrie.
Horror Section
is a horror-pop-punk band from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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