CJ – Drummer in Cold Wrecks

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CJ – Drummer in Cold Wrecks

My name is CJ Dunaieff and I play drums in the Brooklyn Based Emo/Punk band Cold Wrecks. There have been many records of the years that have changed my life in some way, but these are the three that have been the most influential.


Catch 22 – Keasbey Nights
When I was in 6th grade my friend gave me a burned copy of Keasbey Nights. It was the first time I heard ska music and I was immediately hooked. In my head at the time it combined all the things I loved about punk rock and jazz, in that it was punk rock with horns. This love of ska led to years of attending ska shows and playing in ska bands where I met many of the people I consider my closest friends to this day.


The Mars Volta – De-Loused in the Comatorium
The first time I listened to “De-Loused in the Comatorium” I did not get it. I didn’t hate it, but a lot of people I knew LOVED it, and I just didn’t see it. The songs were longer than I was used to, I couldn’t make out any of the lyrics, and musically either too much or nothing was happening. So I listened again. And again. Around this third listen something finally clicked, and since then it has been my all-time favorite record. There is so much going on that every listen you can find something new that you might have missed before. Every song flows into the next, creating one seamless album that’s filled with songs that both groove and chill.


Bomb the Music Industry – Scrambles
Growing up as a ska fan on Long Island in the 2000s I saw Jeff Rosenstock’s first band, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, open just about every ska show I went to. But I didn’t pay any attention to his newer band Bomb The Music Industry until a bit after “Scrambles” came out, at the behest of my then and now bandmates Vizzi and Craig. I was hooked almost immediately. The production was raw, the lyrics were authentic and genuine, and as someone who was living in NYC it was much more relatable that any other album I was listening to at the time. This album is still one of my favorites, especially when I feel sick of living in NYC.

Cold Wrecks is an emo/punk band from Brooklyn, USA.

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