Cil – Vocalist and Guitarist in Werecats

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Cil – Vocalist and Guitarist in Werecats

Bonjour! I’m CiL and I play guitar and sing in Werecats. We are a powerpop band from South London UK. Our album, ‘Destined For The Outside’ was released September 2018. It’s peppered with real life stories that might make your toes curl, but nothing can be more real than your 3 most influential records, so here goes!!!


RDF – Borderline Cases
As a kid in the 80s and 90s, homeless alcoholics sitting alone in the street and dark doorways used to really scare me. I wondered how a person could end up this way and not have anyone care for them or a safe home to go to. The very few lyrics in 4 Chuck Chant really struck a chord deeply when I first heard the record in 1990. That there is a man, a human struggling badly with only the bottle for comfort and escape. Looking back I do believe it was one of the factors that influenced me towards the healthcare profession as a young person. Equally as important was that RDF had an incredible female singer, Linda, which was something of a rarity at that time and she was a true inspiration. Her vocals to this very day still sends a tingle down my spine.


Green Day – Kerplunk
After a phase of being of being immersed in doom music and Earache compilations I realised that there was in fact more jauntiness and merriment elsewhere in punk rock. I started skating and bmxing again and allowed myself to buy a red hoodie. Punk rock suddenly re-emerged from over the rainbow in a kaleidoscope of smiley technicolour joy!!


Samiam – Don’t Break Me
Samiam, legendary band, I could talk for ages about how much I love them. It was amazing to see them again at MPF after a gap of over 25 years. All their records are special to me but I chose this one as it was the first ever record I owned that wasn’t just normal black vinyl. I was so chuffed to pull out a pure Snow White 10 inch white vinyl from the sleeve. I felt I had never seen a thing of such beauty. Coloured vinyl still excites me to this day!

Werecats is a pop punk band from London, England. Check out their video of their song “Dog” below.

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