James – Guitarist in Time & Pressure

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James – Guitarist in Time & Pressure

Yo! I’m James and I play guitar in Time & Pressure from Saint Louis, Missouri. These are three records that I heard at varying points in my youth that made a lasting impact on me.


I Object! – Demo
A friend handed me a burned copy of this demo in 2003 and I’m fully convinced I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for this record. The urgency, the lyrical content, the DIY approach to literally everything this band did was a fucking smack in the face to me. Up until this point I was listening to the staple hardcore bands of the past (Black Flag, Dead Kennedy’s, etc) and goofy spikey hair drunk punk shit. Looking back on it now, I think I was just wanting something that seemed genuine and I Object! was that for me. It wasn’t about wearing expensive bullet belts and drinking shitty beer, it had a real message and almost a call to action to take a look around you and notice shit outside of your own bubble.


Youth of Today – Break Down the Walls
A perfect hardcore record from front to back that blew my stupid ass 15 year old mind. The speed, the ferocity of Ray’s voice and the positive but not overly cornball lyrics really hit me. I revisit this record very often and it still holds up.

This is the better LP and if you say We’re Not in This Alone is better then I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only you. WNITA can suck it straight from the back and die. Fuck you, Drake.


Descendents – Milo Goes to College
I found this record in a Hastings in Abilene TX when I was 16. I drove a 98 Dodge Neon with a CD player, so the logical thing to do was take the record home and record it to a tape. I didn’t have a tape deck, so I had a small personal one that had a speaker in it and I would just sit it in my car and listen to this record over and over. I was going through my first real heartbreak, working my first real job, and I was in high school so this record came at the perfect time. I remember driving around and listening to the tape I made for hours until it eventually wore out or I got an iPod, I don’t remember which happened first. It was melodic, it was fast, and it was everything I needed at the time.

Time & Pressure is a hardcore band outta Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

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