Greg – Guitarist and Vocalist in Bare Teeth

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Greg – Guitarist and Vocalist in Bare Teeth

I’m Greg and I sing and play the guitar in Bare Teeth. Bare Teeth is a punk/rock band from Lille in France. I’ve played in bands for about 20 years and spent the last 12 years touring relentlessly with my bands across Europe and Asia. I also run Distrolution, a multi-service platform for underground bands and labels, with services like merch printing, CD/vinyl/tape duplication, press relations and more!


Green Day – Dookie
This album really got me into playing the guitar back in 1994. This album, as well as The Offspring’s Smash. Although I used to listen to rock music on the radio, like Nirvana, Guns ‘n Roses and so, Green Day was really special to me. I really dig the melodies and harmonies. I literally spent days playing the guitar over the CD, again and again, up to 8 hours a day. I think that, even now, I could still play the whole record front to back even if I haven’t done it in about 25 years. This is the record that changed my life.


Bad Religion – No Control
After discovering Green Day and The Offspring, I got into Bad Religion and it’s still my favourite band. I was in high school and one of the supervisors used to take the same bus as my friends and I, and he was really much into punk/rock. He lent me many records like Poison Idea or Black Flag but Bad Religion’s No Control was like like an electric shock. I knew Bad Religion from quite some years, as my cousin lent me the Punk Rock Song single CD he had from a pen friend in Germany. No Control is brilliant as it’s a perfect mix of rage, melodies, and emergency. This album is one of my 3 favourite Bad Religion albums, alongside The Empire Strikes First and Stranger Than Fiction.


A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner
A Wilhelm Scream is my second favourite band and we’ve been very lucky with Bare Teeth to work with Trevor Reilly on “First The Town, Then The World” record. They are all awesome dudes and the nicest musicians I know. Even if I like more Career Suicide and Partycrasher, I really fell in love with the band when I got Ruiner back in 2006. It was all I was expecting from a punk/rock band : fast tempos, awesome melodies, vocals with guts, killer lyrics and shredding guitars. I hope they will be soon back with a new record.

Photo credits : Phenix Galasso / Phenix Galasso Photography / Frogix Studios

Bare Teeth is a punk rock band from Lille, France.

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