Paddy – Bassist in Hack The Mainframe

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Paddy – Bassist in Hack The Mainframe

3 records that changed my life!

Ok! I’m sure other people have already said at least one of these records! And I’m sure they’ve also said, “It’s too hard to just choose 3!!”

There were so many epic and life changing 90’s punk rock records that helped shape me as a person I could name 100!!
Anyways, here goes….


Green Day – Dookie
My first CD!! My Dad and I went in and paid half each for the compact disc and it was $35. I was in year 6 at primary school and it changed my life forever!! The teacher let me play it in class and I was the coolest guy at school that day!! That first song, the drum roll to start “Burnout” Holy dooly! And it’s still on high rotation all these years later. A classic.


Frenzal Rhomb – Coughing Up A Storm
An older friend of the family brought some cds around to my house and he put this on and the start of “Genius” had me hooked. Plus there was a hectic vomit picture in the booklet that was shocking for a small child. 😂

Years later and Frenzal have influenced my life in many ways, they are all really nice people and now my best friend Dal even plays bass in Frenzal Rhomb!! Plus HTM are sharing the stage with them later this year which will be an all time moment for myself.


Local Resident Failure – Breath Of Stale Air
This record changed my life in a way that really changed the direction and path of much of my adult life.
Without giving you the long winded, boring story…..I met the LRF to help with Gang vocals on the record, became friends with them, became the merch/roadie guy, travelled Europe, Japan and Australia with them, lived with a couple of them, became best friends with them and having all those experiences inspired me to pick up and instrument and start my own band with Heath Rowley from Wiseheimer!!  It’s also a record that I can still put on today and it brings back awesome memories. It’s bangers from start to finish.

Hack The Mainframe is a skate punk band from Newcastle, Australia.

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