Ketil – Synthesizer in LLNN

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Ketil – Synthesizer in LLNN

Hello, my name is Ketil G. Sejersen and I live in Denmark. I play the synthesizer in the post-apocalyptic hardcore band LLNN.

Throughout my life music has filled my veins with joy and sorrow. Joy, when a piece of music builds up my inner energy, and sorrow when it tears me apart.

To mention only three specific records is nearly impossible for me. I have always been a huge fan of soundtracks for both video games and movies, so my musical influence derives mostly from that universe. I will therefore list my top three soundtrack records, based on the strongest memories and influences they have had on my life.


Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori – Halo Combat Evolved
For starters, one of the best sonic memories in my life is this gem of a game. It is developed by Bungie and released in 2001, where my brother (the drummer of LLNN) and I were sitting back to back slaying aliens. I did not pay much attention to the soundtrack back then, but when I play it now my brain jumps in a time machine, ripping up every single little piece of emotion I have experienced while playing. The composers Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori have managed to balance orchestral and electronic music to perfection, which has inspired my brother and I to balance electronic music and organic elements with hardcore music.

My all time favourite Halo track is of course the main theme called “Opening Suite”.


Yuka Kitamura, Tsukasa Saitoh, Motoi Sakuraba, Nobuyoshi Suzuki – Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3 is developed by FromSoftware and this game has left some deep creative scars in me, both due to the gameplay itself but also because of the dark sinister music that is wandering throughout the whole game. Aside from the fact that the game was released in 2016, it still has a really strong influence on my way of thinking about music.

For me, Dark Souls 3 has the darkest soundtrack in gaming history. There are four different composers, creating their own individual pieces. My favorite of the four composers is called Yuka Kitamura. He combines bleak, oppressive and sinful atmospheres with calm and beautiful notes. An example of his work is the track “Premonition” playing through the character creation.

This mixture of art is extremely appreciated by me, because I can relate to every mood I stumbled across. Whenever I compose music, I keep in mind that the listener should experience the same atmosphere I did when composing the piece, and hopefully be left with a desire for more. 


Jóhann Jóhannsson – Arrival
Jóhann Jóhannsson is the man behind my all time favourite movie soundtrack. The movie was premiered in 2016, and was a turning point for me. Before 2016, my way of experimenting with sound had reached a limit, but one day I tried to mimic Jóhann’s sound and it opened a whole new dimension of possibilities for me. Unfortunately, he passed away early 2018, but his unique way of manipulating sound lives on. One of his pearls is the track “Heptapod B”, where he created a very native yet alien atmosphere mainly by looping vocals. The movie is about language and communication between aliens and humans, so he thought it would be appropriate to use the voice as lead instrument. This was a great eye opener for me.

Photo by Jonas Hald.

LLNN is a post-apocalyptic hardcore band from Denmark.

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