Gabriel – Vocalist in Implore

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Gabriel – Vocalist in Implore

Hey! My name is Gabriel, I’m the vocalist of Implore from Germany-Austria and these are my 3 albums picks.


Pink Floyd – The Division Bell
This album was my first love, and will probably be my last love too cause I want High Hopes (the last song) to be played at my funeral. It came out in 1994 and I was 5 years old maybe 6 already. I understood the music and I learnt how to turn on the player to listen to it over and over.

My dad has a great music collection and luckily I grew up with Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Yes, Jehtro Tull, AC/DC and many more. I picked up this one cause it was my earliest introduction to music and I was devoted to it. This may not be their best album, but I’ve been a huge fan of the David Gilmore era as well as the Roger Waters and Syd Barret eras.


Hermetica – Victimas del Vaciamiento
This band is huge in Argentina, where I’m from. Their lyrics represented a whole generation of people who felt they didn’t belong in society. They came out in the late 80s when being a metal head was socially unacceptable and there were huge vestiges of the military coup in Argentina’s mind. Long hair, dressing black, being discontent were social taboos and they were the first band addressing those issues that represented thousands of young people and created a scene.

My uncle was a teenager in the early 90s. I remember looking up to him as someone mystic and intriguing. There were always heavy metal kids visiting my grandma’s place and I thought they were super cool. I thought one day I’d become that as well. And so I did. This album inevitably brings me memories of those days every time I listen to it. It’s a flashback to 1993 and hearing my uncle having practice in the loft with his band. This album put heavy metal in my life.


Heaven Shall Burn – Antigone
I was coming from a nu metal era in the early 2000s. For me and many other kids, hardcore and roadrunner records started to shift the attention towards heavier bands and guitar solos. Once I started to see people with X’d up hands in the magazines and videoclips I started to wonder what this was all about. One day I stumbled across the video of “The Weapon They Fear” and I was shocked. I became a fan of this band. Earth Crisis and Remembering Never were evergreen bands of my playlist too.

Antigone was the final step to becoming vegan straight edge, even though they never were a 100% vegan edge band, they were strongly related to it. I’m still vegan straight edge since 2005.

I also play bass in a hardcore band called ‘ClearxCut’ with Matthias Voight, former member of HSB. A teenager dream come true.

Photo by Veronika Spundova

Implore is a crust-punk / grindcore / metal band from Southern Germany and Linz, Austria.

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