Dustin – Guitarist in Pity Party

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Dustin – Guitarist in Pity Party

Hey y’all I’m Dustin and I play guitar in the Oakland, CA punk band, Pity Party. While I may not listen to these 3 records as much as I used to, they were all shown to me by meaningful people in my life and had an enormous impact on me in my youth.


My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
This was the album that introduced me to alternative music. It was the album that made me want to pick up guitar.
I didn’t listen to too much music as a kid. My parents didn’t play it around the house besides the occasional pop radio station on road trips, some old Vietnamese lullabies and this multiplication rap tape my mom stole from the library because she wanted me to be smart haha. I didn’t really do the internet or talk about music with friends either. I think my first CD given to me was an Aaron Carter CD to match my sisters Britney Spears CD. I wasn’t a fan.

It wasn’t until like the 7th or 8th grade a group of friends and I were planning a birthday gift for another one of our friends in the group and decided to pick up her favorite album, MCR’s three cheers album. I had just finally made a MySpace at this point (my parents filled me with paranoia) and I listened to it. I was hella blown away. It was like nothing I’d ever heard before. I watched the music videos, live videos, everything. I began searching for more ‘guitar driven music’ after that. I even took my first guitar class my freshman year of high school, something I never had an interested in doing before.


Underøath – Define the Great Line
It was around 2008 when my sister Whitney first showed me this album. We didn’t have the best relationship back then, either at each other’s throats or avoiding talking to each other all together. I knew she was always going out with her friends to shows at one of the local venues in Stockton The Plea for Peace Center (R.I.P.) though. I never went. My friends didn’t like to go out much or were even into a lot of music. We started a band together but no one practiced their instruments except me and I kind of fell out of it for a bit.

I don’t really remember how it came about exactly, but one day my sister and I sat down and she showed me a bunch of the music she had been listening to. Define the Great Line stuck out though. I had a renewed interest in finding music and started my metalcore/scene phase. I grew my hair over my face, got my lips pierced, tried to stretch my ears, and stole a couple pairs of my sisters pants. Some might say that was a bad thing. I went to local shows more frequently as well though. It definitely helped strengthen my relationship with Whitney now that my parents were worried about both of us instead of just her.


Touché Amoré – Parting the Sea between Brightness and Me
At this point in my life I had already started playing in a few bands live and did a few mini tours. I was slowly falling out of metalcore though. A member of my old band was talking to me about starting a new project and sent me touché among others as inspiration. It was refreshing to hear something other than what I’ve been playing for the last few years and I was instantly hooked. They released parting the sea shortly after and I think I listened to that album exclusively for like a year straight. It helped me to branch out into so many other genres of music afterwards though. I’m no longer friends with that person who showed it to me but I still love that album.

Pity Party is an emo punk band from Oakland, CA, USA.

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