Carson – Vocalist and Guitarist in Meat Jelly

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Carson – Vocalist and Guitarist in Meat Jelly

Hi! I’m Carson, I sing and play some guitar with the bands Meat Jelly and Crowded Hours from Madison, Wisconsin USA! Meat Jelly has a split EP coming out early this fall on Lonely Ghost Records with Superdestroyer and Funeral Homes and would love for you to check it out! These are three records that changed my life:


Dananananaykroyd – Hey Everyone!
This is such a fun record. The way these songs weave between indie pop boppers and screechy dual vocalist post-hardcore freakouts sound like equal parts Blood Brothers and Bloc Party. They put out another amazing LP called ‘There Is A Way’ 2 years later then disbanded and even though this type of sound is a lot more popular now, this band never really got the attention they deserved. I’ll always remember listening to this album right before my daughter was born! The way the riffs bounce from funky to heavy to jangly and are catchy as hell, and the volatility of the vocals continue to provide a lot of personal influence to my vocal style.


Misery Signals – Controller
When I found out I went to the same high school the Morgan brothers (guitarist and drummer of MS) had went to a decade prior, it gave me hope that a band (partially) from Wisconsin could make it out in the world. This is probably my favorite heavy record of all time. Devin Townsend’s production has every instrument sounding crystal clear, and the album is sequenced perfectly to make for a super cohesive experience. Karl Schubach’s vocal performance is still just as impressive as it was ten years ago, and the recurring lyrical themes about how people are controlled by things both voluntarily and involuntarily left a heavy impression on me that still resonates today.


City and Colour – Bring Me Your Love
Dallas Green is personally my favorite singer, and it blows my mind that he isn’t a household name at this point in his career. This album refined all of the ideas and sounds he had on his previous record ‘Sometimes’ to perfection. The title track is the first time a piece of music made me tear up.

Meat Jelly is a screamo influenced rock n’ roll band from Madison, Wisconsin USA. Check out the video for ‘Chuck Downfield’ below:

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