Andy – Vocalist in No Pulse

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Andy – Vocalist in No Pulse

My name is Andy and I sing for a band called No Pulse from Bristol. We play short, fast political songs and have a blast doing so. I compiled three albums below that have changed my life somewhat. It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to three, and I changed this list up a lot. Now I think about it, I’m kicking myself for not including any Slayer. Anyway, I’m happy with this list, as all three of these releases are incredibly important to me.

If you want to, you can check our band out here:

Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion 1 & 2.
This was the one. I was ten years old and at the time my father had a friend at work who was duplicating tapes with photocopied covers and selling them cheap. I came home one day to find a double copy of Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 on the table waiting for me. I was hooked. The swearing, the solos and of course, Axl Rose. Soon enough I was rocking a bandana (come on, I was 10!) and learning to play the guitar. I’ll never forget my mum saying to my dad “I wish you’d never given him that bloody tape!”.


Knuckledust – London Hardcore
December ’96 and me and some friends watched the hardcore band STRIFE open for SEPULTURA on what was to be their last tour with Max. As good as SEPULTURA were, we were mesmerised by the opening band who tore it up to about 50 kids. Our eyes were open and we wanted more. We started digging around record shops, asking questions to cooler kids, reading Ian Glasper’s columns in Terrorizer to try and find out more about this genre and any bands associated with it. It slowly became apparent that we had a small but bursting scene in the UK and we got to work travelling all over to any show we could afford to get to. It obviously wasn’t long before the band KNUCKLEDUST were on our radar. My mate gave me a tape with their London Hardcore EP on and it was an absolute game changer. It’s raw, angry and was exactly what I was craving in music at the time. As a result, we must have watched KD 30 or 40 times that year alone haha. Twenty years later and I still get shivers when I listen to that EP. I’d give anything to be away from my work desk right now to be in a pile-on singing my heart out to ‘As One’.


Rocky Votolato – Makers
Everyone has that album that they can come back to no matter how they’re feeling and it manages to help them out somewhat. This is that album for me. Makers just oozes with emotion. It’s more punk than any other punk album I own. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy, it’s beautiful.

No Pulse is a hardcore punk band from Bristol, England.

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