Therron – Guitarist in It Prevails

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Therron – Guitarist in It Prevails

My name is Therron Francis, and I play guitar in It Prevails. There are far more than three records that have really influenced my writing and playing, but these specifically are the three that sharpened my craft as a guitarist. Enjoy!


Kent – Isola
In ‘99, one of my best friends takes control of my CD player, slides in an unfamiliar album, and immediately skips to the 7th song, “Bianca”. As this sonic masterpiece builds, it affected me in a way that very few records have come close to since. I hesitate to use the world “stole”, but I will say that I’ve “borrowed” more than my share of inspiration from Isola. I thank Kent for their unknowing contributions to my musical career.

Front-to-back, every note strummed to every word sung pulled me from my Botch laden cocoon into a sonic utopia, reminiscent with that of Radiohead, but only a semblance…no record [to me] compares to this.

I still push this record on everyone as if it just came out yesterday. I don’t want to imagine what my life would sound like without this album in it.


Further Seems Forever – The Moon Is Down
Fresh off the breakup of Strongarm, FSF was born. By now, nearly every indie kid to grown-ass hardcore adult has heard or been inspired by this album, and there’s a good reason for that.

Right out the gate, Chris Carrabba grabs your attention and doesn’t let go until his last words softly ring al niente. Every piece of intricate instrumentation is so perfectly woven together that even 18 years later, I’m still picking up new things on every listen.

Part of how this record helped me grow musically was when I actually tried out on vocals for Affinity, Jason Gleason’s old band after he replaced Chris in FSF. I wasn’t quite prepared to fill the void he (Jason) left in the band, but it was the first real step I took in pursuing music more seriously; and I’m glad I did.


Descendents – Everything Sucks
Oh, Milo! Where do I begin? This record made its way into my life at the impressionable age of 14. Because of Stephen Egerton’s performance on this record I have been on a never-ending quest, chasing his [guitar] tone, unique picking and voicing that he was able to flawlessly articulate.

I begin playing guitar because of this record, and no matter how much praise I give, I don’t think it will ever be enough to convey my appreciation for this album.

If you, or someone you love has not given this record a proper listen, please do. It may just change your life forever.

It Prevails is a melodic hardcore band from Portland, Oregon, USA.

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