David – Vocalist in Carousel Kings

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David – Vocalist in Carousel Kings

My name is David Alexander and I sing in the band Carousel Kings and done so since we formed in late 2008. We’re a Rock band with pop melodies and shredding guitar riffs with roots based in Punk and Pop Punk. We put out 2 albums on CI Records early in our career before signing with Victory Records in 2017 when we released our debut album “Charm City”. Our most recent release “Plus Ultra” came out on Victory earlier this year and we’re touring on that now.


Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
I grew up listening to a lot of whatever my dad had on in the car growing up. I always used to snag his CDs from his rack when he’d go out to work or somewhere and just jam them on repeat. The first record I did that with that I think effected me the most would be the Thin Lizzy “Jailbreak” album. A lot of great songs and riffs are on this one. I always loved Phil Lynott‘s voice and bass lines. The guitar harmonies were always so dope. My favorite songs on this are Running Back, Romeo and the Lonely Girl, and Jailbreak .


Green Day – American Idiot
When I got a little older I started getting more into Punk music. Green Day had always been around and Dookie was my jam, but I think at the time that their album American Idiot came out it really caught my attention completely. I remember being in middle school and watching their videos on TV when they still played videos ! That song and the album in full, really inspired me to want to try playing guitar and try singing in a band . Billy Joe is the King of Punk and I always looked up to him and Green Day as a group. My favorite tracks off this would be Jesus Of Suburbia and St. Jimmy.


Blink 182 – S/T
Being in the genre I’m in I’d be foolish to not include this album as a top 3 go to and one I still jam on the regular : Blink 182’s self titled album was and is a body of work that I think would be my favorite out of all of their albums. Travis Barker is prime on this record , the riffs were less “cheesy” pop punk and had more “rock sensibility” .Both Mark and Tom’s distinct voices really play off each other the best on this album. The inclusion of Robert Smith on”All of This” is legendary. My favorite tracks off this one would be Asthenia and Always.

Carousel Kings is a pop punk band from Lancaster, PA, USA.

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