Trei – Guitarist and Vocalist in Elle

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Trei – Guitarist and Vocalist in Elle

Hi my name is Trei Campbell. I currently play guitar and sing vocals in the band Elle. We are based out of the Bay Area, California. Also, I’m excited to share that we are set to release our second full length LP at the end of August, very stoked to get that out into the world.

Thanks to ThreeRecords for reaching out, I’m very humbled to be asked to share some of the albums that changed my life. To be honest, I really wanted to go with my gut and not over think it… so the 3 albums below popped up pretty quickly in my mind and just went with them.


Stevie Wonder – Natural Wonder
This record hits close to home on so many levels. First record I heard on vinyl as well as my first real introduction to Soul. Close friends of mine growing up and even those close to me throughout my life know my deep love for Soul and Oldies music. It opened me up to a whole different range of emotions through sound and took me into a whole different era of music. The really cool thing was this was also at a time in my life where my best friend that got me into Stevie, was also showing me hardcore punk, diy and all these amazing things that molded me into who I am today. Our crew for a long time has joked about “screamo” or emotional hardcore really just been “soul punk”, a combination of our love for soul and our love for punk.


Orchid – Totality
Again another early intro album for me into another world of music. Love the grindy, emotive, fast pace of this record. I was so obsessed with the album I wanted to find out more about the band, its members, other albums they did, who they were associated with, etc. Which led me down the path of discovering so many other bands that still are really meaningful to me today. Bands like bucket full of teeth, ampere, funeral diner and many more. It really influenced me to want to play emotive music and I’m so thankful for the influence it had on me.


Radiohead – In Rainbows
One of my favorite bands of all time and still one of my favorite albums. I recall at the time they released the record it was the first time you could pay what you wanted for it online or download it for free and they also self-released it. I’m not going to lie I was a cash strapped kid fresh outta high school and downloaded the album for free on whim, as I wasn’t really jamming Radiohead at the time any more. I had a few friends over and we all listened to the album together and our minds were totally blown. To me the architecture of the songs, the passion, emotion, lyrics, soundscapes are just a masterpiece. I was so amazed that a band could rock so fucking hard and touch such a wide range of musical influences. Hah, I’m still amazed today. Once again changing my musical perspective of the world. Eventually I went back and gave them $20 bucks for the download and bought the album on vinyl :).

Photo credit: Tommy Ly
Elle is a screamo band from the Bay Area, California, USA.

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