Richie – Guitarist in Wisdom In Chains

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Richie – Guitarist in Wisdom In Chains

I’m Richie Mancuso, guitarist for Wisdom in Chains.

This task is not really possible, but I’ll do my best based on what I’m feeling at this very moment.


Agnostic Front – One Voice
To me, it’s the greatest hardcore album ever made, and the greatest metal album ever made. It’s a great trip, from beginning to end. Musically, it’s nearly perfect! The Henderson solos are great, the drumming from Shepler and the bass tone from Craig Setari are hard as hell. Some of Rogers best work lyrically, he really gets you in his head for that time of his life. I love the production too, a great album.


Type O Negative – October Rust
Man, I can’t say enough about this album. Parts of this give me cold chills, I feel like I’m levitating sometimes when I zone and listen to this. The intro of Red Water makes me CRAZY! This album is a masterpiece, so much to feel from this. Wolf Moon is lyrically brilliant, and such a strong track. Then the song Haunted, “I Hate The Morning” WOW! I Would love to have been able to watch them record this album.


Black Sabbath – We Sold Our Souls For Rock and Roll
This is a compilation that came out in like 1976, and it’s great. I’m not sure if it counts, because it’s not an album that was written all together. I love this release though, you hear a band capable of delivering strong songs in all styles. Sabbath to me is the first metal band, the first punk band, the first everything, the Gods of our style of music, none more high, none more important. Extreme respect to them. From the bass line in War Pigs, to the beautiful melody in Changes, to the punk vibe in Paranoid, it’s complete.

Wisdom In Chains is a hardcore band from Stroudsburg, PA, USA.

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