Flo – Guitarist and Vocalist in Another Five Minutes

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Flo – Guitarist and Vocalist in Another Five Minutes

Hi, I’m Flo, I play guitar and sing in a french emo post-rock band called Another Five Minutes. Many albums have changed my life, but I had to choose three of them, so here they are:


Nirvana – Nevermind
I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Nirvana album, but it’s definitely the most important one to me. I discovered it when I was around 11, and at that time it felt so powerful to me, it simply got me into rock music. I still like that mix between “easy-listening” pop songs and more violent influences.

Since that time, I’ve never stopped listening to that band, whatever phase I was in. Their songs, their lyrics, their attitude, their interviews, everything is still very relevant to me.


Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come
Thanks to Tony Hawk, I discovered that band quite early. It’s one of the albums that got me into Punk Hardcore and everything that goes with it. I still love how it is built: it’s smart, diversified and unexpected. There are many rules in Hardcore music, and to me that album kind of pushed the boundaries a bit further. It has not aged one bit.

Everything’s in there: catchy songs with clean vocals, violent and technical parts, crazy and beautiful interludes and even great political content.


Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus
Here’s maybe a more surprising choice, but it’s definitely one of the albums/bands I love the most. I knew that band existed, but I really discovered them quite late, let’s say I was very (too much?) into Punk, Emo, Screamo bands for years.

Their music kind of changed all my way of thinking and re-made me more open and curious. Maybe because the way the four of them wrote songs together was so different to mine. Their sound, the crazy drum parts, the catchy choruses, the way the lyrics are put on the music, etc. There were so many things that spoke to me. I love it when it sounds easy but it’s not.

Another Five Minutes is a emo/post-rock/screamo band from Strasbourg, France.

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