Jacques – Guitarist and Vocalist in Screaming At Traffic

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Jacques – Guitarist and Vocalist in Screaming At Traffic

Hi there folks, my name is Jacques Richer, and I play guitar and sing in a Canadian based punk band called Screaming at Traffic. We recently released our debut album “I Don’t Like Sports” on Little Rocket Records, on June 7th, 2019, and we’re touring Canada over August and part of September in support of it. I’m here to talk about three albums that changed my life, which took a while to figure out, and I’ll probably remember different albums once this is published but oh well, here we go!


Blink 182 – Dude Ranch
The first time I heard this album, it snapped my brain in two. At the time, I wasn’t really listening to a whole lot of music on my own, just whatever was on the radio or my music teachers would get me to listen to and learn. This was some of the first fast and aggressive (comparatively at the time) music I had ever heard, and it was a bonus to me that they didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously, yet still managed to have some lyrics that resonated in my young brain. I spent hours locked up in my room, teaching myself and playing along to all the songs on this album front to back on guitar.


Moneen – Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?
Homegrown Canadian emo! I was right in the midst of my teenage foray into punk rock and listening to a lot of Hardcore, Skate Punk, and the like, when I stumbled across Moneen. I think the first time I heard them was actually the Switcheroo album they did with Alexisonfire, and I was intrigued. I dug a little deeper and found “Are we really happy…” I played it on repeat non-stop, and to this day still regularly go back to it. Although I gotta say, the way it shaped me wasn’t necessarily the songs themselves (although they’ve had a lasting effect on my writing), but rather that album leading me to their music videos and live performances of the songs. Watching their live footage on Youtube and seeing how buck wild they go on stage really stuck with me as a performer, and inspired a lot of how I am on stage to this day.


This band and album is basically the reason I’m back to playing in a punk band. The way every song is catchy, aggressive, musically interesting, complex at times, snapped my brain in a way it hadn’t in a long time. At the time I hadn’t been listening to punk as much as I had when I was younger, and my iPod was filled with more indie and folk. I didn’t realize it until I heard them for the first time, but I was hungry for a new kind of punk, and PUP was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Screaming At Traffic is a punk rock band from Winnipeg, Canada. You can catch them on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.

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