Thomas – Bassist in The Tidal Sleep

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Thomas – Bassist in The Tidal Sleep

Hi, I’m Thomas. I play bass in the German post-hardcore band The Tidal Sleep. We started the band in ’11, and we’re still doing it.

Bad Religion – Recipe For Hate

In my early teens I mainly listened to Metal. The rural infrastructure was really bad, it was super difficult (for a teen) to go to shows or by records. So mainly we traded tapes between class mates and older mates. When we finally got a satalite dish to watch more than 3 German channels (we were pretty late to the game), I basically instantly started watching MTV all the time. I discovered Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative and Bad Religion. Bands I still listen to quite regularly.
But Bad Religion changed so much for me! I loved the speed, the melodies, the oohs&aahs and the lyrical content. I remember sitting next to the booklet with a dictionary and looking up so many words. Haha. Greg Graffin is still one of the greatest lyricists out there. How many words can you fit into a two minute punk song?! With the band I had back then we tried to cover so many Bad Religion songs. A lot of times we failed because of the super fast drumming. But it was eye-opening in a sense for me to learn that a good song can be just a few fast chords, a catchy refrain, and a four tone solo.


Samiam – You Are Freaking Me Out
Still my favourite band! We had a chance to play with them earlier this year and it’s official: these dudes are the best! I graduated from school that year the album came out. It just spoke to me. Still does. Jason’s lyrics and performance are heartbreaking. He puts so much energy and emotion in them. It’s really hard to explain what I really feel when I listen to Samiam. But it’s mix between euphoria and absolute devastation. Uplifing, but ‘there’s something nagging in the back of my mind’ … Ooof. Music is hard to explain! I really went down a rabbit hole after the discovery of ’emo-core’. You name ’em, i listened to them ALL and loved them! (Revelation Records, Jade Tree, No Idea, …).


Unbroken – Life. Love. Regret.
This is my favourite Hardcore album. I was 16 when the album was released, and in NO way would I have liked it back then. I discovered it when both albums were re-released by Indecision Recs in 2003. To me Unbroken is an absolute flawless band. They just always had style, good songs, good lyrics. They are so far superior to your standard california SxE hardcore band they might as well be from Mars. I say without Unbroken there would not be so many good bands on Deathwish. They inspired heaps of bands, and they inspired me. Rob Moran is one of the coolest bass players, and I am quite often trying to rip off his tone.

Photo by Shinzawa Haruka.

The Tidal Sleep is a post-hardcore band from Germany. You can stream their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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