Deny – Vocalist and Guitarist in Dowzer

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Deny – Vocalist and Guitarist in Dowzer

Hi, I’m Deny. I sing and play guitar in melodic punkrock band Dowzer, I also play bass and sing backups in Camp High Gain.
Narrowing down to just three records that influenced me is hard but here it goes. I tried to pick three records that made big changes, next to growing up with standards in melodic punkrock like NOFX, Lagwagon and others.


ALL – Mass Nerder
I knew a few songs off the Punk-o-rama series that I liked, but after seeing them live I was blown away. Mass Nerder is my favourite ALL record. I’m really into catchy music, but also love technical stuff (like AWS, Belvedere, Strung Out) and weird quirky stuff (like Bracket, Weezer, Rozwell Kid). This band is one of the few that nails it to combine all those ingredients into weird, technical but also very catchy songs. I love Karl Alverez’s songwriting music and lyric-wise in particular.
And the never ending discussion Descendents or ALL? Chad Price is one of my favourite vocalists.


Inspection 12 – In Recovery
Woes, a friend of mine, is one of the first that liked my old band when we were playing punkrock while all other kids were playing nü-metal haha. He knew I was a total NOFX and Lagwagon fan and he recommended me to listen to Inspection 12. I got ‘In Recovery’ on cd and this is still one of my all time favourite records. The melodies and vocal harmonies changed my whole idea of songwriting and instead of just playing punkrock as fast as possible there was a place for melody. So thanks Woes for changing my life with this 😉


The Gamits – Parts
I listen to loads of new records/bands but it gets harder and harder to get that same feeling I had when I bought my first batch of punkrecords when I was 15 years old. I think the last major impact a record made was Parts from The Gamits. The first impression a band makes on me is with the music and I love the gritty stuff The Gamits crank out. Second thing that does it for me are lyrics. If the lyrics are heartfelt and a way to vent all the shit you are going or went through it feels like some kind of therapy. I’m a sucker for that and honestly I dislike all the happy, sappy songs with good endings. The Gamits hits the spot with Parts.

It’s just too hard to just name 3 records so here are some favourites I do have to mention:
Useless ID – Redemption (best melodic punkrock record ever), Undeclinable – Sound City Burning (best Dutch punkrock record ever), Strung Out – Exile In Oblivion (best mix of technical punkrock/metal)… this list could be endless.

Dowzer is a pop punk band from Breda, Netherlands. Their music is streamable on Spotify.

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