Bernhard – Drummer in Deadends

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Bernhard – Drummer in Deadends

Hi there! I‘m Bernhard, drummer and part-time-photographer from an Austrian band called Deadends.

We’re a 4 piece (melodic) punk rock boyband including a bold drummer (me), an easily distractable bassplayer and two good looking frontmen/guitar players.

To be honest: it took quite some time to think of my top three ‘mind shaping’ records. Thing is: As a musician (not to be confused with ‘songwriter’) my focus usually is more on the instrumental parts of a song than on the lyrics. Sure, after some time I concentrate on the message too but if a band has a nicely produced record that fits my taste, I‘m totally sold.


Strike Anywhere – Exit English
My first babysteps in the ‘unknown territory of lesser known hardcore/punk’ music weren’t really extraordinary. I think, almost all of my friends at that age figured out: there‘s more than Blink 182 or Limp Bizkit. I picked Exit English because there are tons of flashbacks when I‘m listening to that record nowadays. First girlfriends, last days at school, rides to Vienna with my mum’s car to see my first underground concerts in clubs that vanished years ago. It’s just a massive roadtrip down memory lane for me.


Anti Maniax – I‘m Without Sleep In This Desert Of Concrete
The Anti Maniax were the first band that kinda made me think: “Wait, there’s a punk rock scene in Austria?” And sure, what a scene there was (still is). I loved every single show I was at. So much energy, raw power – still one of the best bands I know, too bad they don‘t play that much anymore.


Astpai – Heart to Grow
I‘m not entirely sure if that‘s ‘allowed’, but as I played drums in Astpai for more than 10 years I feel the urge to nominate the last LP I recorded with the band. Millions of hours in smelly vans on endless streets in Europe and the US and countless (120? 150? Not sure..) shows left a mark in my long-term-memory that I don’t wanna miss. I can’t think about a specific situation or happening right now but I know that every single of my friends ‘evolved’ from the fact that I played drums in Astpai. I wouldn’t live in Graz without Astpai, I wouldn’t play drums in Deadends and I’m damn sure I wouldn’t know that many great people in close – and far distance <3

Deadends is a punk rock band from Graz, Austria. Check their music out on Bandcamp.

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