Nick, Chris and Sam – All Better

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Nick, Chris and Sam – All Better


Green Day – Nimrod
A lot of people say that time stops when they meet ‘the one’ or whatever, but for me time totally froze when ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ erupted from an older kids stereo at school. The furious palm muted guitar, up-tempo drums and angst driven vocals grabbed me by the face! The closest I’d heard to punk was the Grease soundtrack, so this blew me away! Hell, it just blew me! I breathed a sigh of relief and said out loud, ‘Ahh, THIS is my music! THIS is my thang!! I was terrified of older kids, but had no problem asking this one who the band was…’Green Day’, they said. Cool, I replied. And that’s how it went down. I never saw that guy again and maybe it’s for the best because whilst this album changed my entire perception of music, Green Day are well shit now lol.


Kids In Glass Houses – Smart Casual
This is up there as one of my favourite albums of all time. From start to finish, it’s one of those that I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of. I discovered KIGH after reading an “Introducing” feature in Kerrang Magazine, back when Myspace was cool. I absolutely rinsed the demo tracks they had online, and when the album dropped, it was perfect. Pop hook central, some of the coolest guitar parts & one of my all time favourite vocalists – such a great band. I went to see them when I was 15 in Sheffield and not only were they incredible, but they covered “Ry Ry’s Song” by Glassjaw and it blew my mind. Seeing them play this album in full at Slam Dunk Fest a few years ago was one of my favourite shows. Pure pop/rock GOLD.


The Beths – Future Me Hates Me
The Beths were one of those bands we found by coincidence but couldn’t believe we’d not listened to before. We were playing a show in Brighton and popped around the corner for a drink and discovered The Beths playing a free show in the bar. Since then we have had this record on repeat. The melodies get stuck in your head for days and the lyrics chop and change between being positive and having confidence in yourself to self doubt and misery, the perfect blend for adult me and the 14 year old emo kid I still haven’t put to rest. Coming from New Zealand there’s glimmers throughout the record of the kiwi accent whilst the instruments have a driving surf/rock feel to them, the whole record throughout makes me feel warm and fuzzy like a cup of tea and a Kit Kat.

All Better is a punk band from Brighton, England.

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