Hanne – Vocalist in For I Am

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Hanne – Vocalist in For I Am

Hi there! I’m Hanne, lead singer in Belgian based pop punk band For I Am. Choosing only three albums that greatly influenced my life is tough, but here goes!


New Found Glory – Sticks & Stones
As far as pop punk goes, NFG have always been a favourite of mine. I remember watching their clip for My Friends Over You on MTV and realising that this was the kind of music I wanted to make as well. At the beginning of this century pop punk was definitely in its hay day with bands like Blink 182, The Offspring and New Found Glory getting quite a lot of attention. Not much later I got Sticks And Stones as a birthday gift from my parents and to this very day I can still sing it by heart, each and every letter of it! In fact, listening to the new album we’ve made with For I Am… I guess there are a lot of NFG-influences on it 😊.


The Vandals – Look What I Almost Stepped In…
When I was younger, my uncle used to send over numerous punk albums for me to listen to, as he owned a webzine that was called Punkupdates.com. One of those albums was Look What I Almost Stepped In… by The Vandals. I was just starting to learn English and I immediately fell in love with the album’s cheeky lyrics. You could say they contributed a lot to why I took to punk AND to English.

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue
When Ocean Avenue came out in 2003, I was right in the middle of my teenage years. Perfect timing for me to sing along to these emotional songs, at the top of my lungs! I can only dream of ever being able to write such heart-filled lyrics as Ryan did. A few years ago I was able to meet some of the band members and I instantly turned into that nervous teenage girl again. Such nice guys, by the way!

For I Am is a pop punk band from Belgium. You can stream their music on Spotify.

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