Scott – Vocalist in Pulley

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Scott – Vocalist in Pulley

Hi, it’s Scott with Pulley.

Writing about only 3 records that would’ve changed my life might not be fair to the rest of the record collection I’ve been building over the years but there are certainly a few that stand out with some memories. When I first started listening to music there was only FM radio and I remember spinning the dial trying to find something that sounded good. Music was going through an awkward phase when I was a kid with disco becoming popular. There was the end of the hippie era and roller skates were starting to take over. I just couldn’t get into The Bee Gees.

There was some cool funkadelic that came out around the same time but once again the radio didn’t play any of that and being only in 1st or 2nd grade with no money I was limited. Fortunately there was an older kid who lived across the street and every once in awhile he’d have time for some of us younger kids to teach us a thing or two. He was only 5 years older but that was a huge difference in what he’d been exposed to. My brother and I were starting to find out about music and were both getting into it.


Kiss: Alive II
Kiss were blowing up at the time putting out their live albums. I can remember coming home from school and the two of us wearing it out from front to back 10 times a day. We would listen to Ace Frehley’s solo on shock me and the drum solo in 1000,000 years even though that was just On the Kiss Alive record. The studio recordings on the last side of the second record never got much play but we knew every word to every song from Detroit Rock City to Shout it out loud all 15 songs in a row.

We would put Xmas lights on in the house and come up with stage moves putting on concerts for our parents in the living room playing air guitars while wearing pajamas. We were very young but bitten by the music bug then. Those same songs today sound just the same & give me the same inspiration it did back then.


Queen: News of the World
My neighbor across the street made me an 8 track tape of the record. We will rock you was pretty popular on the radio but it was the song Sheer Heart Attack & the guitar that crawled under my skin. The distortion, the anger in the chords and Freddie’s singing, the whole opera type thing wasn’t what impressed me about Queen at the time but the song structures and his voice were totally different from most everything else that I had heard up to that point. They were a band that put the melody into my soul and had a musical direction that varied and wasn’t all the same sounding. It made me think that it was ok to sing out loud with no boundaries.


Minor Threat EPs
Well once the door to punk rock opened for me in the very early 80’s my friend somehow ran across these two 7”s, Minor Threat and In my eyes ep’s from a band out of DC, Minor Threat. You have to understand that looking in a magazine was the only way of finding out about a lot of what was going on around the country. Putting a $5 bill in an envelope and sending it to an address waiting for music was the reality.

When these two 7”s arrived we both hit the floor in amazement. It was what we were looking for, we had been exposed to Fear the Circle Jerks, Black Flag and LA hard core bands that were blowing up but for some reason these songs hit home. The anger in Ian’s voice, the speed of the songs the total rawness had us stage diving off beds in our rooms. I had been listening to punk rock for a bit at the time and it was a whole new world for us back then and these records inspired us to start our own bands.

From that point on I can’t remember not having a drum set, guitar or stolen PA that wasn’t around to write/jam.

There have been so many influential bands and songs over the years it really is unfair to leave out, but these 3 definitely came to the top of my head as far as memories of inspiration!

Pulley is a punk rock band from Simi Valley, CA, USA.

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