Luca – Bassist in Hexis

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Luca – Bassist in Hexis

Hi! I’m Luca Mele and I play bass in Hexis and a bunch of other projects. Here’s three albums that changed my life.

Slipknot – Slipknot
This is definitely one of the records that changed my perception about heavy music.  At that time I was listening to a lot of punk and metal but for some reason I never got into Slipknot until one of my friends played this CD in his car. I was shocked!  It wasn’t just fast, evil or heavy. They were angry. Like a thousand rhinos smashing around. For my ears, they were simply the most brutal band around there and this album was my personal Bible on “how violent music should be”.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
I clearly remember the first time I listened to this album: I was waiting the bus, freezing, in a cold December evening. I pressed play and I was launched into a creepy shadow realm, with an orchestra playing drenched in the fog, surrounded by water.  Probably I never listened to something that was able to drag me that way into the music. And surely, nothing that sounded like that.  It wasn’t the first time for me listening to post-rock and neither to gybe! but that time it was somehow different.  I can’t really explain but they had something more.

I was really impressed by the construction of the songs but even more by the production and the sound design. I literally started to buy pedal effects right after!  This album introduced me to that kind of sound, suddenly becoming my milestone for the genre and my personal reference when it comes to “ambient” and “dreamy” music.

A masterpiece.


Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles
I don’t wanna talk about all the bad things around this band and my only comment about it is that I don’t follow or support them anymore.

But several years before that, I discovered their 1st album kinda randomly, diggin’ the internet.  I think it was my first proper approach to electronic music (beside radio pop/dance songs).  They mixed the energy of punk with those electronic and chiptunes elements in a way I think is still really innovative.  That full length was probably the most weird and experimental record I was listening to at the time. I was really fascinated by that ugly synthetic sound coming from all those broken and bended keyboards. And Alice, the singer, with her modified voice, was swinging from scaring screams to hypnotic melodies, creating patterns way more complex than just a normal lead singer.  It was literally just really interesting music.

RIP Crystal Castles.

Hexis is a hardcore/black metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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