Sam – Guitarist in Glorious Failure

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Sam – Guitarist in Glorious Failure

Hello, I’m Sam and I play guitar in Glorious Failure which is a pretty good band. These are 3 records that made me the mosher I am today. Usually you’d get the vocalist to do these things but I wrote like all our songs so I’m more equipped to tell you what records I blatantly plagiarised from. Also, I answered the email first.


Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
This was the first album I probably ever listened to. I remember all my peers in primary school had started wearing hoodies and listening to scary music & fair to say I was behind on the trend. The tipping point came when someone asked me what my favourite band was, and I didn’t know any bands so I said “whoever does the ‘who let the dogs out?’ song”. Needless to say, I was slagged to utter fuck so I went home and listened to this album (it was on everyone’s hoodies) and it profoundly spoke to me. Probably because I was still raging about being slagged for liking the Baha men. Slipknot was on everyone’s hoodies too but I swerved them because at the time I was like “they wear masks. You know who else wears masks? Gimps.”

Fast forward a year, I’m still obsessed with this band, Meteora is now out and I’m excited to bring it to class to show I’m still cool. I was then greeted with “no-one likes them anymore” and that everyone had moved onto clubland CDs and I was still a sack. Just made Linkin Park’s songs more relatable to be honest. If you played this record to me now I’d probably still know every lyric – given a wee practice run first.


Misery Signals – Controller
This is my favourite album of all time and probably always will be. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I came to appreciate this album the way I do now, although I do remember hearing a song from it at a time when I was feeling a little desensitised by how similar everything I was listening to sounded and just thinking “oh you can do heavy music like THIS?!” It was a real eye opener. But over the years since then my love for it has just grown and grown. There is literally nothing bad I can say about it. The massive sound it has (thanks to the HevyDevy production), the super melodic guitar passages, the bellowing yet crystal clear vocals, the fact it’s technical without being overly complicated, the way it marries heaviness & beautiful melody seamlessly…I could go on. If you take anything from this article it should be to listen to this absolute mastapeece. Not a dull track on it (the only other album I could say this about is In Rainbows by Radiohead)

Of Malice is my second favourite album of all time btw.


Strapping Young Lad – City
As I’ve got older, I’ve become a bit weird with listening to metal. The only stuff that excites me is stuff that pushes the boundaries of intensity and weirdness that I never before thought were possible. Naturally the results are things that none of my friends like which is why 99% of gigs I go to nowadays are by myself. This album is the one that stuck with me the most though…

This album is fucking terrifying. It literally sounds like an unhinged metal anxiety attack that lasts about an hour. I’ve listened to many, many albums that are heavy enough to make gravity double but this one’s the heaviest of the lot. What makes it stand out is the pure unhinged human emotion that went into this album. You can just feel it in every element of the music. It’s so angry it doesn’t know what to do with itself – the lyrics are just basically smashing your head in with “fuck you die” for the whole thing, the production makes the album feel like it’s constantly 2 seconds away from exploding, the schizophrenic nature of Devin’s vocal delivery is something that no other person could do…and that’s when I realised that’s why I love this album so much. Its emotional response is so unique. Only that mind at that time could have made that music. It made me think a lot more about how emotions (both negative and positive) affect art and how they can give it a secret energy that separates it from the rest.

Glorious Failure is a pop-punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. Their debut EP “Sad Reacts Only” is out now.

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