Rikki – Vocalist in Dying For It

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Rikki – Vocalist in Dying For It

Hi, my name is Rikki and I front the band Dying For It. These three records have had a lasting impact on me, through the music I have created and my relationships with others. They will always be my inspiration throughout defining periods in my life.


Selena – Amor Prohibido
As a person who has always had a deep love for music, hearing Selena for the first time was like a spiritual experience. I first heard her album, Amor Prohibido when I was 8 years old and it changed me. I always wanted to be a singer, but when I discovered Selena, I wanted to be more than that—I wanted to be her. For the very first time I found someone I could deeply identify with and it wasn’t simply because she was a singer, or that she was famous, or pretty, or just even a woman.. she was a Latina woman! Selena helped me to feel both seen in my identity and proud to be a Latina.

My love for the album Amor Prohibido launched me into my first performance at the age of 9, when I started performing Selena songs at a local ongoing talent show, Apollo Nights, in my hometown of Stockton, CA. I continued to perform as a little Selena from ages 9 to 12.


American Nightmare – Background Music
I first heard this album at the age of 15, and it hit me hard. As a teenager I suffered from incredibly severe depression. Wes’s lyrics spoke to me so deeply within what I was struggling with. I felt like he was speaking to me on an very personal level. I related with these lyrics so much that it helped me feel less alone while I was in some pretty dark times.

As a musician and lyricist, I’ve always been incredibly inspired by American Nightmare and Wes’s lyrics. The band in its entirety has been a huge influence on the hardcore that I love to listen to and love to play.


The First Step – What We Know
I discovered this record at a pivotal time in my life and it was a huge inspiration to me choosing to become straight edge.
The majority of my life, I would honestly say that I’ve lived as an extreme pessimist and in the last handful of years, I’ve worked incredibly hard to pull myself out of a constant depression. Within that shift has come a wave of appreciation, gratitude, and a great deal of deep introspection. This album speaks to me as an adult on my journey of self-healing, in the same way the American Nightmare record did to my depressed teenage self.

This TFS album makes me feel empowered, inspired, and almost brings me to tears every time I listen to it.

Photo by Bryan Hannah.

Dying For It is a hardcore band from California, USA. Their latest album “Born To Deny” can be streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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