Jonathan – Vocalist in Shirokuma

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Jonathan – Vocalist in Shirokuma

My name is Jonathan and I do vocals in a band called Shirokuma. These are 3 of my most important albums that lead me to gain my interest in music and eventually start bands and creating music of my own.


Iron Maiden – Killers
This was the first album I owned as a kid and it made me realize that distorted guitars and loud music was my cup of tea. Great songs, great melodies and that artwork(!). I guess there ain’t that much to say about this one, it’s a classic after all!


In Flames – Come Clarity
This record was a real game changer for me in high school. Prior to hearing this I’d only listened to heavy metal and dad rock so I had a hard time with the double bass drum and screaming for a while but the hooks and refrains was just so good. Becoming more tolerant of aggressive music made me seek out more “underground” stuff which leads me to the next release->


Converge – Jane Doe
By summer 2010 I took my drivers license and a good friend of mine burnt a mix-CD for us to play in the car. Concubine was the last song of the disk and I remember thinking “what the hell is this?”. It took a few listens but in the end it really changed my perspective of how loud music can sound and be performed. An amazing album, front to back!

Shirokuma is a screamo band from Söderhamn, Norrala Skärså & Stockholm, Sweden. They released their most recent record “Clothes I Wear For The Space I’m In” on Dog Knights Productions in June 2019. You can listen to it on Spotify and on their Bandcamp page.

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