Erik – Drummer in Jeromes Dream

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Erik – Drummer in Jeromes Dream

Beastie Boys — Check Your Head

I’ve always loved the Beasties Boys. My first exposure to them was License To Ill on Cassette when I was like 5, and ever since then, the Beasties have always been a part of my sonic backdrop. When Check Your Head came out in like 92, all I did was skate, and when Plan B’s video, Questionable, and had a couple tracks from Check Your Head, the combination was visceral — it’s as if captured a moment in my life, where if I put the record on now, I’d be slingshot back to a 14-year-old skate punk. Those days were the best.


Portraits of Past — LP
When I first listened to the Portraits of Past LP, it was around 97. My friend Jeff, who plays in JD as well, put it on in his room. We just sat there in silence, listened front to back, multiple times. A punk record never resonated so much with me. I think it might one of the most beautiful versions of punk/hardcore that I’ve ever heard. I could still listen to it today and appreciate it as much as I did almost 20 years ago. The maturity and sincerity of it is extraordinary.


Nirvana — In Utero
I loved Nevermind, but In Utero brought me “closer” to the band. The rawness of Steve Albini’s recording, and the overall feeling of defeat that In Utero evoked. It was addictive, and I found myself listening to it constantly. I loved Heartshaped Box’s video aesthetic, and it was subconscious at the time, but when I look back on it, and after Kurt’s death, it seems like the whole thing had an “I’m done here” quality. He was done. I loved Nirvana so much, and I still watch Nirvana interviews and videos on YouTube, and just look at Kurt, who was just a kid and am still in awe of his kindness, sensitivity, and genius that he gave the world, forever.

Jeromes Dream is a hardcore band from Connecticut, USA. Their new record was released on 19th July 2019 on Microspy and you can hear their music on Spotify.

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