Dan – Vocalist & Guitarist in No Matter

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Hello, I’m Dan, one of the singer/guitarists in No Matter. Here’s some ramblings about albums:

Sound Effects No.21 – More Death and Horror
The first record I ever bought, got it at a car boot sale when I was wee. Still have it too. Yeah so it’s not music or anything, but it began my journey as a record buyer! I remember particularly liking ‘the Rack’ and ‘Gouging Eyeballs’. I didn’t know what Russian Roulette was back then so that track was somewhat lost on me. I used to play it on my family’s big shit turntable, and scratch it DJ style.


Green Day – Dookie
Probably a bit obvious but anyway. I like this, Insomniac and Nimrod about equally but I suppose this had the biggest impact on me. First heard it when I was 13 and it blew my accustomed-to-indie-at-the-time balls off. I suppose it’s “not very punk” to like Green Day nowadays but sure who gives a fucking hoot. I know this album inside out and it never gets boring.


Teenage Bottlerocket – Warning Device
The yellow ‘un. Hard to choose between this and Total but I probably listen to this one more. Catchy as fuck and well crafted pop punk. I’m sort of running out of steam here, so I’ll be off. Thanks!

No Matter are a pop punk band from Belfast, N.Ireland. You can hear their music on their Bandcamp page.

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