Benji – Guitarist & Vocalist in Gets Worse

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Benji – Guitarist & Vocalist in Gets Worse

Heyo. I’m Benji, I play guitar and shout a lot in Leeds powerviolence band Gets Worse.

Sham 69 – That’s Life
So this album and particularly the song ‘Hurry Up Harry’ was probably the first time I remember listening to and loving punk rock. My parents had separated when I was 5-6 years old and I guess my Dad wanted something to do with me so we made mixtapes one night off old vinyl in the lounge. I remember playing those tapes to death including a trip to Wales with my grandparents which they must have hated every minute of.

I was probably way too young to really understand the lyrics at the time but it must’ve had a lasting effect because I’ve spent a lot of my life down the pub.


Brutal Truth – Sounds of The Animal Kingdom
This is definitely not the best Brutal Truth album but it was the first time I ever heard grindcore. I was in high school and still into punk mostly when a kid in the year above me started talking to me on the way home one day, he was in a band and needed a second guitarist. I agreed to come to a practice and he gave me this CD to listen to since he said this was the style they were going for. I stuck it on when I got home and I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing, it was the fastest and most insane noise I’d ever heard at that point in my life, I loved it.

I didn’t go to the band practice.


Weekend Nachos – Worthless
The only reason this album changed my life is because it’s the one we were probably listening to a lot when we started Gets Worse in 2011.

I’d just moved to Leeds from Birmingham, Rich and Tom from the band were playing in a goregrind band and asked me to play bass with them. We spend maybe one practice learning the songs without the vocalist but I’m sure by the second practice we’d totally sacked the idea off and just started messing around writing our own powerviolence tracks. We’ve been best friends ever since, wrote hundreds of songs and played hundreds of gigs. So I guess listening to Worthless in the car on the way to those practices changed my life. 

It’s also a great album.

Gets Worse is a powerviolence band from Leeds, England. They have tunes to listen to on their Bandcamp page.

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