Jack – Bassist in Tape It Shut

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Jack – Bassist in Tape It Shut

I’m Jack and I try my very best to play bass in a band called Tape It Shut, and these are three albums that changed my life. It was real tricky getting it down to three, some honourable mentions include The Party Album by Vengaboys and Tubthumper by Chumbawamba, but here’s my top three.

Linkin Park – Meteora
This album will always be the biggest for me as it was the first album I ever had. I remember seeing the music video for “Somewhere I Belong” on the tele and was blown away as a kid. A couple of months later I ended up receiving the album as a birthday present and it will forever be one of the best presents I’ve had. It was the album that not only opened the door to heavier music for me, but also introduced me to loads of similar bands that were getting big in the early 2000s which was where my love for heavier music really started. On top of that, it’s an album that as cliche as it sounds, I really appreciated more as I got older as I was able to understand the themes and meaning behind the songs and really connect with ones like “Breaking The Habit”. All in all I think it’s a really strong and very well put together album with some incredibly iconic lyrics and brilliant production to go with that too. Will never be bored of this album or this band!


Sum 41 – Does This Look Infected
Following on chronologically from Meteora, this album was the second I ever got. In terms of inspiration this one falls in line a lot more with the punk sound the guys and I go for in Tape It Shut. I remember hearing songs like “The Hell Song” and “Over My Head” when they came out and just loved the speed and aggression of it all. I was really drawn to Deryck’s voice and the melodies he came up with, as well as the power he had too. It was an album that stayed with me through the teenage years as it had that angst and grit in songs like “Still Waiting” and “Thanks For Nothing” which as a teen I absolutely loved. Similar to Meteora, this was also an album that I was able to understand more as I got older as I was able to understand the meanings and themes which meant I connected a lot more with certain songs and lyrics throughout the album.


System Of A Down – Mezmerize
This album was the hardest one to pick as there’s so many choices for number three on this list. That being said I went for Mezmerize purely because of the massive impact it had on me when I was younger. My first memory of this was hearing “B.Y.O.B” on the radio, and I just started laughing. I absolutely loved it but it was just so different to anything I’d ever heard, I ended up asking my dad who it was and he told me it was SOAD. A few months later I ended up getting really into the rest of the album after my dad bought it whilst on a family holiday in France. Every time we drove somewhere we stuck that album on, and after hearing it front to back I was hooked. Similar to when I first heard “B.Y.OB”, I was blown away by the whole album and how they were so unique in getting an incredibly heavy sound whilst mixing it with an almost folk style rhythm at times. As a band they are pioneers and are a perfect example of a successful group who have tried mixing unique styles and not limited themselves at all in terms of coming up with new ideas, which in turn really inspired me to try new things and stay unique and original when it comes to writing music.

Tape It Shut is a punk rock band from Reading, England. You can hear their latest record “Dinosaurs vs Robots” on Bandcamp.

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