Dan – Guitarist in Haest and Matilda’s Scoundrels

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I’m Dan and I play guitar in two Hastings based bands. A hardcore band called Haest and a folk punk band called Matilda’s Scoundrels. I’m not much of a writer but here it goes. Here’s 3 records that changed my life:


Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska
This is probably my favourite album of all time. It was never intended to be an album, it was originally home demos to be recorded with the E Street Band. The dark subjects together with the ‘haunting folk’ sound just works perfectly. This album has been there for me and gotten me through so many good and bad times.


Converge – Jane Doe
This album is one of the greatest heavy albums of all time. It blew me away the first time I heard it and is still a regular on my turntable. It’s perfect from start to finish, starting with the frantic Concubine and ending with the epic 11 minute Jane Doe. This album opened so many new avenues of music for me.


The Offspring – Smash
Smash was probably the album that got me into punk way back in the mid 90’s. I was just starting secondary school and it opened me up to a whole new world of music. The riff to Self Esteem, as basic as it is, made me want to play guitar. I don’t really listen to it anymore but I owe this album a lot.

Haest is a punk/hardcore/doom band from Hastings, England. They have a website at www.haest.co.uk and you can hear their music on Spotify.
Matilda’s Scoundrels are a folk punk band and their music is on Spotify.

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