Tyler – Bassist in Gouge Away

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My name is Tyler and I play bass in a band called Gouge Away. These three records aren’t necessarily my favorite records, but they definitely have had a big impact on me as a musician and my approach to writing music.


Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want
This record only came out last year but it really changed the way I look at music. It reassured me that bands can still make music that is unique and great enough to stand out. Admittedly I had been having trouble keeping up with new music so the timing of this release was perfect for me. It’s so full of raw feeling that is jarring in a good way every time I listen to it. This is an inspiring album to say the least.


Nirvana – Nevermind
As a kid, my dad always had this record playing in our house. I think this caused me to severely disregard it as a teenager. I didn’t truly appreciate Nevermind until I was an adult and it finally clicked with me. The songs are so memorable that it’s like they never really left the back of my mind. This record is particularly important to me now with regards to writing music. It’s the perfect example of good song writing being way more important than flashy playing.


Rage Against The Machine – Self Titled
I can’t remember hearing a band before this that wrote such political songs. I was really drawn to how outspoken they were about their unhappiness with the world and how pissed Zach de la Rocha sounded, even if a lot of the references went over my head. The bass playing on this record also really stood out to me, helping me learn to play and understand the role I wanted to play in a band context.

Gouge Away is a hardcore band from Florida, USA. Their tunes can be checked out on Spotify and they have a video on their website.

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