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My name is Martin and I’m part of indie/tropical/pop band The Reason. We’re from Glasgow and we have so many different sounds and artists that inspire us, so it was hard to work down to only three records, but here we go:


Twenty One Pilots – Trench
This record has to be up there for me. The level of world-building within this album is incredible to see and hear unfold as you listen from top to bottom. You don’t even need to listen to the whole thing to realise how much work went into making this album, listen to the songs more tilted toward a mainstream audience such as My Blood and Chlorine and you’ll realise why this record is such an inspiration and bop-filled adventure.
I’m also a massive fan of songs that run into each other so hearing the way Jumpsuit runs into Levitate makes me feel warm inside. Every eventuality was covered in the making of this album and it’s very evident in the content.
Not to mention the fact that there is an amalgamation of every sound possible in there: from hip hop to hard rock to pop to straight up fire rapping, Trench has everything I like to hear in an album.


Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
For people who say you can’t make it big with real instruments, Tourist History proves you wrong. This album is banger upon banger upon banger, just when you think we’re getting into a so-called album track another high tempo classic pop TUNE comes after you like an angry mob. This album is a huge inspiration to any band like us as it shows if you want to start out releasing your first album then it can be a huuuuge success as long as you have the songs to justify it being a success: quality over quantity for sure.
Personal favourites from this album would be Cigarettes in the Theatre (what a way to open an album) and This is the Life. I’m sure a few of the guys from the band would actually agree with me about this album, we’re big two door cinema club fans. I dare you to not feel happy and optimistic after listening to this album, it’s impossible.


Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go
Pop is whatever you want it (or don’t want it) to be, is as absolutely proven by this album. This last choice was hard I was torn between a few albums which deserve honourable mentions: The 1975 self titled, Bring me the Horizon Amo, BALLADS 1 Joji and For Emma, Forever Ago Bon Iver were close contenders but for the current success that this album is having I just think it top these albums in my opinion.
This album makes me feel happy and sad through, there’s no in between. I’m a constant state of happy/sad, an emotion which I don’t think much music makes me feel. You hear the happiness fooling around in Bad Guy but before you know it you’ve take a trip to the heartbreak hotel with xanny and when the party’s over, its madness. I’m constantly conflicted as to how I should feel listening to this album because you soon take a trip to Spooktown with bury a friend which is a certified banger.
This album just makes me feel so much and it makes me think that if that kind album can be stemmed from just being in a bedroom working with basic ideas, then we can make something as deep and as beautiful as this record.

That being said, I think when it comes to us making a record it’s going to be combination of all the aforementioned albums and then some, that’s just the way we function as a band. We have so many bands that influence us and that we hold dear to us personally and to narrow it down to 3 is a difficult task. We hope that one day we make someone’s favourite record, that’s the goal.

The Reason are an indie/pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. They have their sounds up on Spotify for you to hear.

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