Nick, Nathan, Eddy – Pandacar

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A three-piece, post-punk band from Glasgow, Pandacar formed in the summer of 2018.

Bonding over a love of noisy music and a need to hit back over recent world events, these self-proclaimed ‘good boy punks’ are on a mission to make some noise, have some fun, and get it done! With fuzz-soaked bass lines, jagged guitar, driving drums, and a punk pathetique attitude, Pandacar are a mix of classic punk protest with their own unique sense of humour.

Abba – Abba Gold
Abba Gold was the first album I bought with my own pocket money that I saved from pretending to do chores. I don’t really remember why I bought it, but after putting it into my Sony Walkman in the car home from Glasgow it breathed life into my little 10 year old soul. I’ve revisited it many times over the years and it always inspires me in new ways. You’ve got to appreciate the toppermost of the poppermost if you want to learn how to make butts shake.


Gorillaz – Demon Days
I think Demon Days by Gorillaz was the first album I ever owned. Previously I just used to listen to my brother’s music, but after hearing Feel Good Inc. (the best song ever) I took the plunge. It opened my eyes to the fact that music and lyrics could be weird and different and still be good. In fact weird and different is usually better. Hence why we let Nick sing.


School of Rock (Film)
If I’m being TOTALLY honest, it was actually the film School of Rock that changed me the most critically, rather than any one album!
My Dad took me and my little brother to see it when I was like 11, and it blew open my tiny mind! So many noises I’d never heard before, a thousand fabulous sights and sounds swirling into my brain! I felt like Jack Black was my personal tutor, schooling me in the ways of rock!
It wasn’t until a few years later that I made some new friends in school who continued my education and helped me along the path of musical glory!

Pandacar are a post-punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. You can check out their music on their website.

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