Teabags – Guitarist & Vocalist in Boak

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Teabags – Guitarist & Vocalist in Boak

So I’m Teabags, I play guitar and do vocals in Boak and work a day job as a game developer. I don’t really have much else to say about myself. But here’s the 3 albums I picked…

Metallica – …And Justice For All
The first heavy metal song I remember hearing was ‘One’. I must’ve been around 7 or 8 years old. My neighbour and I were playing Hero Quest when he put on a “song about a guy that loses arms and legs in a war”. I always remembered it and the song title. Bought the album on cassette with pocket money about a year later. That started me on the long road from that moment. Oddly though I now think Metallica are a complete fucking joke and you’d have to pay me to go see them even if they were only playing songs from the first 3 albums. But that doesn’t change the fact that they pointed me in the right direction with this album.


Wolfpack – Allday Hell
After being into metal for all of my teenage years, this is the first album that changed me from thinking of myself as a metalhead to thinking I was a punk. Growing up I just thought punk (with the exception of Crass’s Feeding of the 5000) was all Blink 182 and The Offspring. But after finding this album I realised I was very wrong. It’s fast, it’s ridiculously aggressive, it’s dirty. It pretty much single handedly changed me from thinking about corpse paint, upside down crosses and studded armbands to dreadlocks, patched jackets and studded armbands. Continually listened to it and it completely opened up the world of crust/dbeat/hardcore. Haven’t looked back, and still listen to it today.


Dropdead – Self-titled (98)
Out of the three albums this one is probably the most “life-changing” since, while still being one of the first proper fast releases I listened to, I didn’t pick this on purely musical terms. Instead. sitting down listening to this and reading the lyrics to the opening track was the first spark that made me reconsider eating meat. It didn’t happen straight away, there were other band’s lyrics about the topic (Disrupt, State of Fear, Olho de Gato to name a few) as well as talking to other people and watching documentaries, but I distinctly remember reading the lyrics to ‘Superior’ got me thinking about it. Which I now haven’t done for 7 years. 10 in total but I ‘relapsed’ once and then oddly enough it was the same lyrics that made me think about it and give up meat again.

Boak are a powerviolence band from Aberdeen, Scotland and Sheffield, England. You can check them out on their Bandcamp page.

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