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Hello! My name’s Tom, I play drums for King Punch – a seven-piece ska-punk band based around London. We all bring in a big range of musical influences to the table when writing our stuff, and try to smash it all together as much as we can – when writing you’ll often hear us trying to figure out something stupid like ‘so how to we get from the swingy chorus to the sort-of-metal breakdown without making that Mexican-style bit too short?’ My personal taste these days often isn’t a million miles away from that kind of mish-mash, however when picking only three records that it’s got to come down to a few rock classics!


Weezer – Self Titled (The Blue Album)
This is probably my favourite album of all time if I had to choose – there’s not a weak track on it! All the proper gold is away from the really well known ones (Buddy Holly, etc) as even though those are awesome, I think the most amazing bits on this album are the weird breakdowns that happen in a few songs, like in ‘Surf Wax America’ when it goes all A capella before smashing back in for the final chorus.

As an album it’s extremely 90s in the best way, it’s sludgy and kind of teenage and joyous and always puts me in a good mood every time I put it on (…which is still quite often haha). I’m not really that into the stuff that Weezer are putting out these days but they got it perfect first time with this one!
Best track: Surf Wax America


Green Day – Dookie
This is probably a really obvious one for lots of people, but I remember as a young teen I bought this on CD at an airport before a long flight (on a friend’s recommendation) and it blew my fucking mind for the whole journey! I rinsed several sets of batteries in my crappy walkman listening on repeat for hours, and just couldn’t get enough – I’d never heard anything quite like it before and it opened up a whole new kind of music for me that I didn’t yet realise existed.

Great tracks all the way through, and again some of those cool breakdowns that I still love to this day (the one about three quarters of the way through ‘welcome to paradise’ comes to mind). Their later album ‘Nimrod’ comes real close to nabbing this one on the list, but this one has to win for how much it just blew me away at a young age and got me spending all of my hard earned Saturday job cash on punk rock CDs for the foreseeable future!
Best track: Burnout


Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire
One of the best bands of all time, with their best (if however maybe least popular) album! Apparently when the band made this they had so many ongoing tensions that they pretty much wanted to kill each other, and as an adult you can hear a lot of that raw energy definitely making it’s way into the recording. As a teen, all I knew is that I was hearing some of the most awesome raw, aggressive but simultaneously tight and groovy music I’d ever encountered and it totally changed the way I thought about songwriting. So many RATM songs are based around an awesome guitar hook, but this album tends to take that way further and bring in loads of equally filthy riffs for different sections sections in a way that makes it feel like many songs in one and that’s one of my favourite things in music to this day (bonus: see another of my favourite bands ‘Reuben’ for many many amazing examples of this!) Tom Morello’s ridiculous signature guitar noises are scattered throughout and really make some of the tracks so iconic – I love that still nobody has really come along to rival that kind of DIY weirdness in quite the same way, the guy is a genius! The drums jump between punk and hard rock all the time, many times in a song sometimes, and are still a massive influence on me today – that energy and feeling just makes every song jump right out. Angry, stupidly talented, awesome!!
Best track: Tire Me

King Punch is a ska punk band from London, England. You can listen to their music on their Bandcamp page.

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