Jamie – Vocalist & Guitarist in Aerial Salad

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Hi I’m Jamie from Aerial Salad.

Green Day – Kerplunk
Obviously one of my answers is Green Day. Kerplunk is one of the most important albums ever to me because I discovered it at the PERFECT age. I was 15, had been into british punk band like The Clash, Pistols etc (all the standard teenage punk bands) but then my friend convinced me to listen to Green Day (I only knew American Idiot at the time and hated it, still do, the musical is funny tho). I had been playing guitar for 2 years by this point too which plays in later. Every song on the album (almost, looking at you last 3 ) is fucking beautiful, they really are, I know it’s a bit cringe to love Green Day but I’m fucking sorry, Christie Road is possibly one of the best most life crushingly relatable songs ever. Welcome To Paradise is insane, One For The Razorbacks, No One Knows, list goes on. I could play every song on that album start to finish on guitar and would regularly play the whole thing as loud as I could when my parents weren’t home. I started writing songs at this age and along with the next songwriter on the list, Billie Joe’s writing was massively inspirational to me, and I cannot sing the praises of that album enough.


Oasis – Definitely Maybe / (Whats The Story) Morning Glory?
I’m cheating and putting these both on here because when I was about 8/9 my step dad went on a work trip and got a free Ipod nano (the old school ones), held 500 songs, and he gave it to me… most important gift of my fucking life, being so young I knew fuck all about music, but liked the Oasis songs my step dad would play in the car. He put about 300 songs he thought I’d like on and over 100 of them were Oasis ones, genuinely, their total catalogue of music so I received both these at the same time in once place and they have always felt connected to me.

Noel Gallagher (though I disagree with his politics and much of his conduct) is an actual songwriting god. The chord progressions he uses, though derivative, play perfectly into the vocal melodies he wrote for Liam. I love Oasis so much and I’m totally not ashamed of that. I could have put Milo Goes To College here, but seeing that I haven’t listened to that album more than about 2 times this year, I’m plonking oasis here.


The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses
Not much to say. This album has been there for every major moment of my life, the good and the bad. When I listen to this album I remember being 10 walking around Manchester, or sat in rainy traffic, it sounds like home, and I love it. People think that Aerial Salad sound like Green Day, If you listen to The Stone Roses and Jawbreaker, thats what we sound like. You wouldn’t believe how much I rip off The Stone Roses and no one seems to notice.

Aerial Salad are a punk band from Manchester and you can listen to their music on their Bandcamp page.

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