Julian – Vocalist & Guitarist in Snap Out

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Julian – Vocalist & Guitarist in Snap Out

Hi! I’m Julian. I play in a band called Snap Out. We are based out of London – UK and we play pop punk with a grungy vibe. That weird mix of pop punky vibes mixed with the weight and sadness of grunge is what I believe makes us different from most other bands.

We’ve just released a record called “Hasta La Vista” in which we try to show our complete range, although every song is based on an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I know… that sound geeky and silly, but give it a listen and you will be surprised in what, for me, is a very emotionally charged and motivating album.

But I’m here to talk about what music has influenced me to write that album and all our songs and I was asked to do so by choosing 3 records that changed my life. So here we go.

Blink 182 – s/t

The first one is the self titled Blink-182 album from 2003. It was hard for me to choose only one Blink album, as it’s probably the band that impacted me most across my life. Their live album made me love telling jokes on stage, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket is probably the best pop punk album ever produced. But there’s something about that self titled album that just gets me. At a time where every pop punk band sounded the same, Blink was the top dog and they came out with an album that broke all pop punk rules. They took it to the next level. You have so many different kinds of songs, but all cohesive, deeply influenced still by the original suburban American angst of pop punk, but new… fresh. That album made me not want to be a stagnant artist. To try different things and always try to push my music genre forwards.


Lady Gaga – The Fame

The second album is a bit weird. But it’s “The Fame” by Lady Gaga. I always loved pop music. I knew all of the charting songs from the 90s and 2000s. But when Lady Gaga debuted with this album I was just amazed. It made me actually notice for the first time how hard it is to write and produce a pop album. Everybody thinks pop music is mass produced crap, but I believe it’s actually the hardest style of music to make. That album made me want to be a better songwriter, to understand hooks and write catchy melodies.


The Offspring – Americana

The third album was the hardest to choose. I could put Kimbra’s 2018 album “Primal Heart” that made me love pop music again. Green Day’s “American Idiot” that showed me what a rock opera was for the first time. Or even “The Lion King” cause it’s the first album I remember that I actually bought on my own. But I can’t make this list without acknowledging the album that introduced me to punk music and made me love it more than any other style. That was “Americana” by The Offspring. I got that album as a secret Santa gift when I was around 11 years old. When I listened to it I just couldn’t believe the anger, the aggression and how fast some of the beats were. Dexter’s voice was so original, Noodles’ guitar riffs were so amazing. There was no turning back for me from that point on… I was a punk rock kid.

I think that’s it. Hope you guys listen to all the albums I mentioned here and also my band’s album “Hasta La Vista” OUT NOW ON ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS.
Bye. See you later!


Snap Out are a punk band from London, England. You can hear their music on their Bandcamp page.

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