Muzz – Vocalist and Guitarist in The Overbites

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Muzz – Vocalist and Guitarist in The Overbites
Hey I'm Muzz, I play in a punk rock n' whatever rolls band called The Overbites. We were asked to pick 3 albums that changed our life, so here's mine. This was fairly easy to pick as each are very significant in their own way to me personally and as a musician.  

Rancid - ... And Out Come The Wolves I started getting into punk rock back when I was about 13 years old. Me and my friends would watch the channel P-Rock on TV (I was well pissed off when it closed and was replaced by Scuzz). One of the bands that I noticed was Rancid. Back in those days we would always go into Dundee to walk about and often went into Fopp and HMV to check out the CDs, that was when I picked up AOCTW. Instantly, I loved it. I was only starting out on bass at the time too, so this album was the perfect blend of all-time bangers and showed me that I could do whatever I wanted on bass. It also opened the door to loads of other bands as I wanted to check out more, and before I knew it, I was discovering loads and loads of great bands through labels like Fat Wreck, Hellcat, Epitaph, Bomber etc.
Favourite track - "Maxwell Murder" - Took me hours to learn that fucking bassline but I got there.
Green Day - Dookie
Back when I was just discovering all these punk rock bands, I'd always heard of Green Day due to their popularity. I didn't fully appreciate this band until I bought myself a CD of Dookie. Almost as soon as I listened to this, it was like a rush of "YAS!" right through every song. I could still listen to this album every day, it's braw. I'd say it changed my life because I'd never heard such a well crafted blend of pop punk with the right attitude and energy that I enjoy. It also helped influence my songwriting, showing I didn't need to be super technical musically to write a great song.
Favourite track - "Welcome To Paradise" - In my opinion it's the album's real anthem and it's a fine tune.
Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko At The Pet Food Factory
I hadn't actually checked out Frenzal Rhomb until I moved in with friends of mine back in 2015. I remember hanging out in my pals room and he stuck this on. It was one of those "holy fuck, this band's brilliant!" when you're 5 tracks in and still enjoying it. I don't think there is one song on the album I don't like, it's all energy and it's exactly what I love. The reason I've picked this one as changing my life is because this was the first album I was properly listening to religiously when I'd moved. There was a lot of changes at that time for me and this album was just brought to my attention at the right time to help me adjust to my new living situation.
Favourite track - "Mummy Doesn't Know You're A Nazi" - Just ridiculously good and funny too.
The Overbites are a punk rock band from Dundee, Scotland. You can check out their debut EP "Mince" on Bandcamp.

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